Tornado Shelters & Storm Shelters in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky & Arkansas

The Midwest is assaulted by tornados every year, and thousands of people are left homeless, injured and even dead. Protect your family with one of our in-ground tornado shelters from Tornado Safe Shelters. We are the leading provider and installer of storm shelters in Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas and Kentucky. Regardless of the size of your family or size of your house, we can install the perfect storm shelter that you give you peace of mind and keep you safe when the storms arrive.

Tornado Shelters

Your family's safety is our primary concern when we install one of our storm shelters on your property. If your home is in Missouri, or you live in Illinois, or you reside in Arkansas, or Kentucky is your place of residence, we can come to your home and install one of our state-of-the-art tornado shelters to protect you from the tornados. If you live in one of these Tornado Alley states, you need to protect your family from the eminent threat of tornados.

Our storm cellars are the nation's number one rated tornado shelter on the market. We can install various sizes of storm shelters, depending on the size of your family. Once inside this under-ground storm shelter, your family can feel safe and secure. Even if debris piles on top, as soon as the storm is over, the storm cellars will send out an emergency call to police so they can come and get you out.

Tornado Shelters

No family is safe in tornado alley without one of our affordable storm cellars that can protect your family when the tornados hit. Don't be unprepared. Let us install a tornado shelter in Missouri, a storm cellar in Illinois, a storm shelter in Arkansas, or a reinforced concrete safe room in Kentucky.

Storm Shelters

Tornados don't discriminate which houses they destroy and which lives they take. Do not simply take your chances, not with something as important as your family's lives. Please call today to install tornado shelters in Missouri and storm shelters in Illinois, and you will be very glad you did during the storms this season. When everyone else is in panic, and your family is safe and sound in one of our in-ground storm shelters, you will be so glad you called us.

Storm Shelters Tornado Safe Shelters in Sikeston, Missouri

Tornado Storm Shelters in Sikeston and surrounding Southeast Missouri areas

Tornado Safe Shelters in Sikeston, Missouri, is a family owned business that began with the desire to protect other families from the fear and disaster of tornados and other storms.

John Welter began the business because his wife and children were afraid of the storms that plague the Southeast Missouri area each Spring. Originally, he had wanted a house with a basement ... but finding one was difficult in Sikeston, MO, due to the water table. He had always been told that storm cellars had to be installed at the time of construction of a house, or installed in the yard. He felt that a storm shelter in the yard would not be useful, because he would never send his family out into the rain and wind to seek shelter for fear a tornado could be upon them.

In his search for a suitable shelter in Sikeston, MO, John discovered a type of shelter that can be installed in the garage, thus eliminating the threat of having to go out into the storm. He decided to become a distributor so that he could bring these remarkable tornado shelters to his home in Southeast Missouri.

John chose the #1 selling shelter in America, with over 1,000 installed each year. Tornado Safe Shelters is the only provider of these tornado shelters in Southeast Missouri.

Tornado shelters starting at $4,800 installed

Our storm shelters are available in Sikeston MO in several different sizes to accommodate various needs, and we can determine exactly what your family needs when you call.

Our tornado storm shelters have been certified and approved by Texas Tech University and engineers. Each one meets or exceeds the standards set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Each shelter comes with a Lifetime Transferable Warranty!

When a tornado strikes, there is no safer place to be than underground in Sikeston, MO. Surround yourself and your family in one of the safest, strongest and heaviest steel shelters available. Our "safe rooms" not only shelter your family during a tornado or severe weather, but also provides protection for you and your valuables against intruders!

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Photos of damage and destruction caused by tornados and severe storm weather
Photos of damage and destruction caused by tornados and severe storm weather
Photos of damage and destruction caused by tornados and severe storm weather
Photos of damage and destruction caused by tornados and severe storm weather
Photos of damage and destruction caused by tornados and severe storm weather
Photos of damage and destruction caused by tornados and severe storm weather
Photos of damage and destruction caused by tornados and severe storm weather
Photos of damage and destruction caused by tornados and severe storm weather

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Protecting families when storms hit

Tornado Safe Shelters LLC does much more than install America's number one selling tornado storm shelter .... we provide peace of mind for you and your family before, during and after the storm!

Tornado Safe Shelters LLC, entrance to the storm shelter from above

Each of our tornado storm shelters is manufactured to exceed the strictest quality standards to ensure you are safe when your life depends on it. Never again fear those dark storm clouds when they roll in! Take your family's safety into your own hands!

Our storm shelters can be installed almost anywhere from the yard to the garage, and provide your family the safety of being underground in an impenetrable steel room while the winds rage.

When the storm is over, the tornado shelter's sliding ball-bearing door provides trap-resistant exit for your family. Each shelter is registered with local authorities to ensure that help is on the way!

Don't wait for the storms to arrive .... get the number one selling shelter in America today! Call us at (573) 382-2546 for a free "over the phone" quote!

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